Rent to Own

Rent to Own


After 12 regular monthly payments on eligible servers, the server ownership can be transferred over to you the customer. This transfer is not automatic and the customer must contact us to have this process completed.



Here are the basic options


  • Continue paying rental fee. Hardware support and package remain the same.
  • Switch the server to 1U colocation
  • Remove the server from our datacenter


Continue paying rental fee

You have the option of continuing the rental as long as we support the server. Keep the same payment amount and maintain all hardware replacement coverage. You can change your mind and colocate or remove the server at any time.


Switch to colocation

In the event that you want to switch to the colocation packages you will need to confirm the power consumption of your server before placing your order for the colocation package. We do not make this change automatically and the customer is required to submit a ticket to Sales to begin the process of converting to colocation. Further information on our colocation packages can be found at

Servers that are switched to colocation are not eligible for free hardware replacement. Customers are responsible for providing replacement hardware and paying remote hands fees to have work done on their equipment.

Servers that have been switched to colocation cannot be switched back to their dedicated server plan.

Remove server from Boxne datacenter

If you would like to have your server shipped to you you can open a ticket with Sales to have the invoice generated for the packing materials and handling. Once the invoice is paid we will send you the dimensions of the shipping box and the pickup address so that you can arrange shipping through your preferred carrier. We will have the server ready to be picked up on the loading dock. We have daily pickups at our facility from, UPS, Fedex and USPS.

Customers may also come to the facility to pick up the server. There is no cost to pick up your server without any packaging.

Once a server is converted to colocation or removed from the facility all hardware is the sole responsibility of the customer and Boxne no longer provides warranty or support for the hardware.

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