My Virtual Machines is not responding

Not responding virtual machines could be a failure in your SSH or Network Configuration. This can also be caused on Windows machines due to updates or blue screen from Malware/Virus, etc. We provide virus scans on all of our machines and review our network hourly to notify you of any malicious traffic or programs although if you choose to disable the Firewall on your machine you may be vulnerable. Boxne provides access to your Virtual Machines via the customer support portal. You have the ability to Start/Stop/Restart, VNC (Console), update primary IP addresses, Upgrade/Downgrade your machine as well as add additional support users to your portal with their own login credentials and access to Technical support on your behalf. It's recommended prior to opening a support case to reboot your machine to see if this resolves your issue. If this does not, please feel free to open a support case for further review. 

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